Benin 1

Success Ambassadors 

Jean Ahowekoun

Judicaël Akpossou
+229 62 58 37 81

Briac Afangnon
+229 67 05 89 12

Kazotti Ifonti
+229 95 90 18 95

Charles Nouatin
+229 97 40 16 62

Isidore Odountan
+229 67 60 76 22

Gbèdiga Lokossou
+229 96 72 40 36

Our work in Benin began thanks to Mr. Kazotti Ifonti, a man who captured a love for Interweave and its programs. In July of 2017, Mr. Ifonti was in Ivory Coast when he heard about Interweave through one of our local Ivory Coast Success Ambassadors, Sadia ZouZou.

Mr. Ifonti became interested in taking the MBS course and inscribed to the course online considering there were no ambassadors in Benin. Mr. Ifonti recommended friends to the program and established himself as a Success Ambassador in the Benin Republic. Along with Briac Afangnon and Isidore Odountan, other successful graduates of the course, they established (with tireless effort) Interweave Solutions Benin, (otherwise known as IS Benin). 

They continue to use their passion and drive to spread the Interweave mission. Their excitement and progress challenge us all!